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A Place We Don't Know

Marco Palos

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A Place We Don't Know

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Hi everyone! I'm Marco and I've made a living playing sax for the past 18 years of my life! Much like my fellow musicians around the world, the Pandemic put all our careers on hold!

But... in that time, I found some inspiration and wrote some new music that I'm VERY proud of and would like you to check out.

I know many of us have remained unemployed during this time and are doing our best to make ends meet... So, please feel free to download the track at ANY price you can afford to donate today. Either way, you are supporting a dream of mine to write and produce cool music.

If you really like the song, will you share this page with some of your friends, please? Thank you so much and see you all on IG or FB!

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Their seamless blend of hard driving big band jazz, insanely danceable swing, and at its core real rock and roll has been wowing crowds worldwide for over a decade.

Equal parts bandleader and ringmaster, Prima Jr. brilliantly distills the finest elements of his father's five-decade career through a contemporary filter, adding his own indelible stamp.

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We are returning to Des Moines for this year's Italian-American Heritage Festival of Iowa! Saturday July 27th. Visit http://italianfestivalofiowa.com for Details and Information. 🎶🎶🎶🎶 Admission to the festival is free before 5:00 PM on Friday and Saturday. Voluntary food or monetary donations to the Food Bank of Iowa will be accepted before 5:00 PM on both days. After 5:00 PM on Friday and Saturday, a $5.00 admission (for adults and children 12 and older) will be charged.

Louis Prima Jr & The Witnesses

City Winery Nashville, 609 Lafayette Street, Nashville

NASHVILLE - You asked for a Dance Floor/ YOU GOT IT!! July 23rd at City Winery Nashville! Tickets only $22.00 (does not include dancing shoes, you gotta bring those) Prima, Wine, & Dancing... all ya need is some good food, and they've got that too!! Tickets are on sale NOW!

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