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Welcome to 2021. It really is "A Place We Don't Know"

Hi Everybody!

Like many of my fellow musicians and creatives around the world, the pandemic really put us all on a mandatory halt! We were set to tour multiple countries, all over the states and even a good number of cruises with Celebrity! The furthest we got was the grocery store down the street and the recording studios we all built in our home spaces.

Despite not being able to go on tour and see you all face to face... One of the many good things that has come out of this time for me is the TIME to really slow down and take a look at the things I'm fortunate enough to have.

From my family and roof over our heads to the ability to express myself through the gift of music. I've recently written and recorded some new music that I'm VERY proud of and would love for you to check it out and tell me what you think?

Join me on Spotify & Instagram! I'm also on TikTok, but just getting the hang of it. Going to be sharing more of my story over the past twelve months and how I've been able to find a pivoting point to transition my life from Touring Musician to Home Recording Studio Songwriter, Producer & Musician.

The first song, "A Place We Don't Know," is out now! If you read this far down... Click here to download it early for free (or any donation)

I look forward to sharing more and chatting with you on the socials.

Your friend and Artist, 

~Marco Palos

Want the latest single? Download it EARLY RIGHT HERE :)

A Place We Don't Know

Marco Palos

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A Place We Don't Know

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Hi everyone! I'm Marco and I've made a living playing sax for the past 18 years of my life! Much like my fellow musicians around the world, the Pandemic put all our careers on hold!

But... in that time, I found some inspiration and wrote some new music that I'm VERY proud of and would like you to check out.

I know many of us have remained unemployed during this time and are doing our best to make ends meet... So, please feel free to download the track at ANY price you can afford to donate today. Either way, you are supporting a dream of mine to write and produce cool music.

If you really like the song, will you share this page with some of your friends, please? Thank you so much and see you all on IG or FB!

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